It’s a job, it’s a hard 24 hours job

  • It’s a job, it’s a hard 24 hours job

Initially GREEN ROSE was created as a baby clothes brand, but babies don’t come without parents, and in particular without mothers. I am a mother myself and I meet and communicate with other mothers all the time. We often laugh that the first six months you discuss breastfeeding and sleeping, the second six months you only talk food. These subjects take a lot of your energy and attention; sleep deprivation takes a lot of energy in particular.  But it is as it is, and while we can’t change much, we can make the most of it. Like having those precious naps with your baby while you can, because toddler time is coming faster than you think and toddlers don’t like to nap, usually…

But let’s get back to breastfeeding. It’s a job, it’s a hard 24 hours job, and you can’t have a day off. On the other hand, it impresses me how everything is built to synchronize perfectly. I mean, I remember hearing my baby cry and my milk supply would be like “baby is calling!”. Yes, in the beginning it felt like a duty, later on it became a habit, and now it comforts both of us.

I also support and love The Global Breastfeeding Collective led by UNICEF and the WHO. I believe they do a very important job to make breastfeeding normal again! What I also love about this initiative is that it doesn’t shame women who choose different paths, but it encourages societies to support their mothers. Every mother can relate to the importance of support! How many of us heard that maybe you don’t have enough milk? I know, right? So I added a link here if you want to learn more about breastfeeding and what is done to help women and their babies. Because I believe it’s important to educate yourself. Click here to learn more.

While we’re talking about breastfeeding, it’s impossible not to talk about breastfeeding in public. When is the last time you ate your sandwich on a go? Do you even notice when a person is eating in the street? Ok, except if he has a big salad leaf stuck on his cheek…but otherwise, people do eat in public every day and nobody cares. And babies eat too. I personally don’t like to cover myself when breastfeeding. It makes everything too complicated, baby gets too hot, I get too hot, the blanket is usually falling away, so you get even more attention than intended. My rule is if you are hungry, you eat. And honestly, I didn’t get any negative reactions or at least not that I would be aware of. So I strongly encourage every mother not to stress about it and just go with the flow.

And the best part is that GREEN ROSE can help you! We have those simple basic long sleeves nursing tops that will look great with your urban busy style! They have a very comfortable layers system, so you don’t need to pull your t-shirt up or wear a tank top under the main t-shirt to keep your belly covered while breastfeeding. It’s getting cold outside and nobody likes to feel cold.

The same goes for our breastfeeding nighties. You can cover yourself in a long merino wool nightdress without worrying how you will have to pull it up to breastfeed your little one. It has a layers as well, so you can breastfeed easily.

Our night dress has long sleeves, because we’ve all fallen asleep while breastfeeding and you can easily get cold. So long sleeves will protect you from cold when necessary. Or it will keep you warm through the night while you will be comforting your baby.

Both styles come in white, light blue, blue, pink, grey or black colours and we have sizes from S to XXL. My favorite one is black long sleeves top, I think I just like black :)



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