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  • Welcome at GREEN ROSE

When days go shorter and the temperature outside is getting lower, a good outfit and a cup of tea make the fall season feel warm and cozy.

My name is Aistė and I am the founder of the merino wool clothes brand GREEN ROSE. I am also the mother of two beautiful children. I mention it to you, because I went through every stage of parenting and I know how challenging it can be sometimes. Everything starts with the first outfit and then… and then we worry if she is not too cold, or too warm, if this blanket covers her well, and maybe she was crying last night because she was too cold?

I have asked myself those questions too, until I discovered merino wool. Merino wool was everything I was looking for. Its natural qualities are impressive! Did you know that merino wool can regulate your baby’s body temperature and prevent them from getting too cold or too warm? So, yes, those merino wool qualities got me on board more than 6 years ago, when I started my merino wool journey with GREEN ROSE, and after all those years I haven’t found a better organic and natural fabric than merinos!

I have a very small team working with me, but I am the one responsible for every step GREEN ROSE takes. Every working mother would agree with me that sometimes it’s challenging, but creating a sustainable business you truly believe in is more than worth it. I am the one who chooses our partners and I do it very carefully. Our merino wool comes from Germany and is certified by OEKO-TEX. I strive to find the purest merino wool fabric on the market to offer clothes of the highest quality for children and adults.

Everything started with merino wool clothes for babies. We then created a clothing line for children. A little bit later, women merino wool clothes were introduced together with men collections. Now we have a beautiful range of garments for all the family. We also started two new collections from merino wool with silk for children and women.

Today I always consult my children about every piece of clothes, their shapes and colours. They are my most important critics and every t-shirt or leggings has to receive their approval. And believe me, they aren’t so easy to please!

This is the story of GREEN ROSE and my merino wool journey. I hope I can invite you to come along with us?



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